Belching Words


Posted in art/fashion/photography, interests. by Lex on July 22, 2010


Such photos of freedom and femininity, meadows and wild flowers and lakes!

Just yesterday, Mom and I talked about a wild bunny she saw and then the topic veered off to nature. It’s one of my top five complains in the country – less trees. I love trees and that’s not because they’re the easiest to draw but because they are an important factor in nature, they add beauty and they benefit us humans so much. I won’t expect forests near the city here. Just more trees on the islands on roads. That would be beautiful, don’t you think? Oh how I envy America!

On another note, this is my second post containing edited photos which I largely disown. Katrina gave me the idea of including the name/username of the owner on the photo; Liss made me reconsider how I posts pictures on my blog which are not mine. I took measures such as saving the file with the owner’s name and crediting more. On the link (click Liss), she also gave tips on how to find the owner of the photo you found.

On another website (which I forgot where), I also found an article about a writer who used the artist’s work and did not ask for a permission. Naturally, the artist requested for his artwork to be removed and the writer did so but with much bitterness! The writer complained that the artist must be thankful as his work was used and seen by many so why request for it to be removed? Blah blah blah.

Is that right? Is the writer’s logic correct? I think not.