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Mandy Bryant

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I love the boldness of these photos. It’s far from the sweet, dreamy photos that I very much love but all the same, just as pretty, just as amazing. I find it cute that this kids could project so much with the help of Mandy’s great skills and bits of props. This certainly made me smile and erased the sleepiness I feel.

I want to thank everyone who left me kind comments on the previous post. Things are a bit awkward and I tend to stay away from places where I would be easier seen because the fear won’t go away though I already him an A-class ticket. You are very sweet. You are all lovely. I am very overwhelmed and too happy to be even alive because of you. I love you. x

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Such photos of freedom and femininity, meadows and wild flowers and lakes!

Just yesterday, Mom and I talked about a wild bunny she saw and then the topic veered off to nature. It’s one of my top five complains in the country – less trees. I love trees and that’s not because they’re the easiest to draw but because they are an important factor in nature, they add beauty and they benefit us humans so much. I won’t expect forests near the city here. Just more trees on the islands on roads. That would be beautiful, don’t you think? Oh how I envy America!

On another note, this is my second post containing edited photos which I largely disown. Katrina gave me the idea of including the name/username of the owner on the photo; Liss made me reconsider how I posts pictures on my blog which are not mine. I took measures such as saving the file with the owner’s name and crediting more. On the link (click Liss), she also gave tips on how to find the owner of the photo you found.

On another website (which I forgot where), I also found an article about a writer who used the artist’s work and did not ask for a permission. Naturally, the artist requested for his artwork to be removed and the writer did so but with much bitterness! The writer complained that the artist must be thankful as his work was used and seen by many so why request for it to be removed? Blah blah blah.

Is that right? Is the writer’s logic correct? I think not.

Lissy Elle

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I know you feel scared. I am scared too you know. Just imagine that dress hanging on your wall with the hands. I question, where did the blood go? No matter how terrible the artist is for thinking of such an idea, this is still called art and it’s a kind I have never seen before. Lissy Elle has so much talent. She put much of her effort in creating art with broken limbs, hands and arms and illusions like a lady sinking in her bed as if drowning or a lady hanging in midair.

She can be called scary but you cannot deny how interesting and creative her works are.

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Deerlings & Ghostthings

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I don’t know what is in Lola’s photographs that I am so attracted to them. Maybe it’s because of the whimsical themes like the melted popsicle and the hearts on the knees. Or the pastel colors used like the lavender ribbon on the lavender wall. Or it could be the dreamy effects which is a favorite of mine. Or perhaps, Lola’s name.

Either which, I love it.

Grégoire Alexandre

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A beautiful little snow princess from Narnia. Mesmerizing.

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Do You Doodle?

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I bet you know what doodle is and that you yourself doodle. Have you heard of notebookdoodles? You’re losing a half of your life if you don’t take a peek at what this lady can do. Doodling is pretty much simple but what makes her work better than other doodles? I don’t know but have you heard of charm? Isn’t her work (pictures above) adorable?

And isn’t “I don’t give a poop.” really funny and a safe alternative to “I don’t give a shit.”?

Tricia Gosingtian

Posted in art/fashion/photography, interests. by Lex on February 7, 2010

Have you heard of Tricia Gosingtian? She’s the first ever Filipina who caught my attention and my addiction. I admire international women whose names are known all over the world than women in my own country. She’s a photographer/model/student who is awfully beautiful. With talent, she’s got beauty and with those, she’s got fame and her name around everybody’s mouth and magazines. Not only in her own country is she known but she is also praised with her impressive photography and modeling on her Flickr, DeviantArt, and LookBook.

She’s my inspiration! When I grow up, I’ll be as stylish and as accomplished as her.

First Photos: Tricia Gosingtian
Last four photos: Photos taken by Tricia Gosingtian
Photos are not mine. Property of Tricia Gosingtian.

Dinagyang Festival 2010

Posted in art/fashion/photography, interests. by Lex on January 31, 2010

These photos were featured on the Flickr Blog. I knew from the first picture that this is one of the Philippines festivals known for it’s color and bright props. These is what you call the The Dinagyang Festival celebrated in Iloilo City, Philippines to honor St. Niño and the arrival of the Malays on Panay Island.

Here in my beloved Cebu, we celebrate Sinulog Festival in honor of St. Niño and the arrival of the statue brought by the Spaniards. This is celebrated by the Catholics who believe in idols. Though I disagree with idols, I enjoy watching the various groups of dancers from different schools perform and show their talent and efforts in making the props and costumes over the television. With the sea of people on the day of the celebration, I never ever step foot outside our house and postpone all scheduled appointments. I never liked crowds. I’ll be sharing photos tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Flickr 

Looking Into the Past

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I found this pool of photos at the Flickr Blog. I caught my interest since the old photo really looked similar on the modern photo. I was wondering, how did they come up with this concept? This pool shows how the times has changed. It’s amazing how this buildings are still alive today. Don’t you find these amusing?

Photo Credits: Flickr