Belching Words


Posted in art/fashion/photography, interests. by Lex on July 21, 2010


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I tried to edit the photos I share here on my blog. I added a frame (do you like it?) and the source’s name with the copyright symbol + a link on his/her website. That way, these photos will never be taken as mine and dear Holly won’t have any reason to sue me. And yes, she is dear. When I found her on Pugly Pixel, I immediately jumped to the idea of making a post about her as well.

Holly has such a beautiful and creative talent. She has an eye for good color combinations that I like. I’m a fan of pastels and bright, pretty colors combined. She uses the beauty of the sky and the effects the sun creates so well. I like the use of inanimate objects. I like little, pretty things than people photography wise. She is like the perfect photographer for my tastes.

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