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I beg you to check their website. There is too much beauty and goodness to miss if you don’t. To those who know, I am much attracted to anything bizarre and whimsical, to fairytales and fiction. I cannot fully describe how much I am in awe with the paintings and how much I would die to purchase one. The effect the dark black hair creates on the painting is what I love the most. Next to that is how beautifully drawn the girls faces are – from the pink cheeks to the red lips. I can imagine these paintings framed and hanged side by side on my wall.

On another note, you have noticed that I have veered slightly to arts from books. It’s because I haven’t bought a new book yet though I have been rereading my old ones. My time is mostly taken up by hands as I have recently bought a new notebook which is ridiculously cheap but amazingly beautiful that I cannot complain and went straight to the cashier. So, I’m busy filling it up. Writing thoughts, printing photos, tearing and cutting and pasting, and so much thinking and planning at the same time.

I might share it soon along with my secret habit which won’t be much of a secret then. Until then, au revoir!


When you say you’re busy

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When you say you’re busy and yet you are not. Actually, I have been sick. Fever, colds, cough – the works. Since now I’m okay, aren’t I supposed to work and study for tomorrows exam and write what I planned to write and then scan what I wanted to scan so I can update my blog? No. Instead, I’m borrowing these photos and ranting about the most epic laziness. Why won’t laziness go away? No, it stays until it becomes one’s personality. Lazy. But I shall move. I shall start working very soon. I’m just waiting for dear laziness to ride the beloved bus and leave.

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Bec Winnel

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I found Bec Winnel through the rich blog of Lissa. Reading through the post, it was then that I knew that she was her sister. It wasn’t a surprise that such artistic skill could run in the family. What’s attractive in Bec’s illustrations is the beautiful women with such luscious lips and dark eyes. The third illustration must be my ultimate favorite. It’s amazing how tears could bring such beauty to art and to the woman herself.

Found via: Daydream Lily

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Alessandra Genualdo

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Cherry Green or Alessandra Genualdo is a lady with a very talented hand creating illustrations of whimsical ideas. She extends this talent through the needle and thread, creating kawaii plush toys.

Found via: Art Pixie
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Deerlings & Ghostthings

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I don’t know what is in Lola’s photographs that I am so attracted to them. Maybe it’s because of the whimsical themes like the melted popsicle and the hearts on the knees. Or the pastel colors used like the lavender ribbon on the lavender wall. Or it could be the dreamy effects which is a favorite of mine. Or perhaps, Lola’s name.

Either which, I love it.

oh, hello friend.

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Danni has been keeping me busy and away from my homeworks (thank God for modular pace schools). Finding her via Daydream Lily Blog was like heaven sent. Everything you find in Oh, Hello Friend is beautiful, pretty, and cute. There’s not one bit of fault in this blog, more so on this woman. In her about page, she narrowed down the person behind the creative blog. She is everything I want to be and she has everything I want to have – a very humble personality, a beautiful career, an amazing skill, and a lovely family.

Haven’t you noticed that when you learn that a certain blogger you adore is a Christian, you feel some fluttering feeling in your heart? It’s one factor that is so charming to me for I am also a Christian.

Do check everything out: her blog (click on the button above) and her shop (click on pictures below)

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Stylish Blogger Award

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Thank you Emily on the award!

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Pretty Tape

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Fairy DIY Stamp Set

Masking Sticker Set

Circus DIY Stamp Set
Vintage Alphabet Stamp Set

Rubber Birdcage Stamp

Product and photos by: Pretty Tape

Paper Mobiles and Paper Garlands

Posted in crafting/DIY, interests. by Lex on June 18, 2010

Products and pictures by: Frazier and Wing