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Liberty Fabric

Posted in crafting/DIY, interests. by Lex on July 5, 2010

I dreamt of covering folders with fabric, creating framed objects using fabric, bunting with fabric, sewing and creating teddy clothes, making cards adorned with fabric, etc. All these remain as a dream until now.

Florals are my favorite. The lesser white space, the smaller the flower, the better. Floral fabrics look vintage and are very efficient as it is attractive and loved by many. To little kids, these seem a bit too granny but to those who are past that childish way of thinking, florals are beautiful. What keeps me from buying such is the price + the shipping fees. A meter costs nineteen pounds and more which as one thousand pesos converted in Philippine peso. That is 2 weeks worth of allowance. I could not give in.

Nevertheless, I am quite contented for now in looking and sharing this beauties to you. To those who are in need of fabric, Liberty Fabrics is at your service.

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Pretty Tape

Posted in crafting/DIY, interests. by Lex on June 20, 2010

Fairy DIY Stamp Set

Masking Sticker Set

Circus DIY Stamp Set
Vintage Alphabet Stamp Set

Rubber Birdcage Stamp

Product and photos by: Pretty Tape

Paper Mobiles and Paper Garlands

Posted in crafting/DIY, interests. by Lex on June 18, 2010

Products and pictures by: Frazier and Wing

Where Do You Store Your Jewelry?

Posted in crafting/DIY, interests. by Lex on February 5, 2010

Design*Sponge had this beautiful and creative DIY jewelry storage that I would like to share to you. Jewelry storages for both the neat freaks and show offs, mysterious and creative. The first photo is a jewelry hanged on the neck of a woman’s bust. Aside from the fact that this reminds me of Jane Austen a lot, it also acts as a decoration for any room. The second photo is by far the most attractive. It’s a jewelry storage behind a wooden framed painting. Doesn’t that remind you of Da Vinci Code and spies?

For the procedures for the Jewelry Bust, click here. For the Hidden Jewelry Box, click here.