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To me, my blog is like a parcel. It’s a parcel, a gift simply wrapped but full of all things sweet and lovely in the inside. It was sent by a lady passionate in reading, expressing her thoughts and opinions, pouring her heart out for the receiver and for those who peek to see.

Or it could be any pastry. Say, an Éclair. You will never know what sort of cream is filled unless you take a bite and try. You can’t guess what’s inside through sight but only by taste. By then, you can discern how good or bad the food is, how sweet or how bitter it is.

Simply put, Belching Words is a blog you shall not judge by sight. You need to dig in, read, and explore so you’ll know what a sweet sweet treat this truly is.



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  1. Josè Pascal said, on June 20, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Good day,
    I would bother to invite you to rummage into the tin. (

    I write with passion under the pseudonym of Jose Pascal and with great pleasure I invite you to visit the colletive writing blog “In simple words” and eventually publish /collaborate.

    I define blog as “a tin box where they are kept virtuaculturale thoughts, memories and simple stories.”

    To date, more than 100 friends / authors / contributors from all over the world have put their contributions into the italinglish tin box.

    Please extend the invitation to anyone you believe has a passion for writing and easy reading.

    Awaiting your response, I wish you a good life and I apologize if I disturbed.

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