Belching Words


Posted in art/fashion/photography, interests. by Lex on July 2, 2010


I beg you to check their website. There is too much beauty and goodness to miss if you don’t. To those who know, I am much attracted to anything bizarre and whimsical, to fairytales and fiction. I cannot fully describe how much I am in awe with the paintings and how much I would die to purchase one. The effect the dark black hair creates on the painting is what I love the most. Next to that is how beautifully drawn the girls faces are – from the pink cheeks to the red lips. I can imagine these paintings framed and hanged side by side on my wall.

On another note, you have noticed that I have veered slightly to arts from books. It’s because I haven’t bought a new book yet though I have been rereading my old ones. My time is mostly taken up by hands as I have recently bought a new notebook which is ridiculously cheap but amazingly beautiful that I cannot complain and went straight to the cashier. So, I’m busy filling it up. Writing thoughts, printing photos, tearing and cutting and pasting, and so much thinking and planning at the same time.

I might share it soon along with my secret habit which won’t be much of a secret then. Until then, au revoir!


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  1. katrina said, on July 3, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    these are surreal and evoke so much emotion. love the apple head. :)

    • Lex said, on July 4, 2010 at 7:08 am

      That’s a good word. Surreal. My favorite, the first three, look quite gothic with the hair.

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