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Size Doesn’t Matter – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on June 17, 2010

Rating: 4 out of 5!

Heather Wells got her self a boyfriend of the name of Tad. Miserable though since his name is Tad, is definitely nowhere near the Cooper Cartwright, they have no similarities, he’s a vegetarian and has no TV. Miserable. But still happy. Add that to the possibility of her passing her first college course and her Dad finally moving out, she’s happy enough.

But as usual, such happiness are put momentarily on pause since she once again finds another murder and this time, it’s her boss. Shot at the head with the windows open. This time, the murderer is murdering for a very funny and odd reason that this crime might actually be called a joke.

Would she actually be a bride? Or should that gown on the cover be blood stained.

Following the life of Heather Wells on Size 12 Is Not Fat and Size 14 Is Not Fat Either, Meg Cabot writes the final installment of the series, putting an end to a never ending murder that Heather ends up solving and of her heartbreaks of the one she ever dreamed to marry, Cooper Cartwright.

This is a very late review and I just noticed yesterday that I forgot to review the book! I read this ages ago but since Meg Cabot has a very simple plot with a very simple writing, I still haven’t forgotten the facts and the feeling on reading the book.

Heather was hilarious. As well the many other things and the reason for the killing is on top of that. It was fun and pleasure to read. Just like reading the Harry Potter series, I felt sad knowing it’s going to end. I’m going to miss Heather as much I as would dearly miss the trio.


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  1. M. M. said, on June 17, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Interesting plot :) I consider myself a big fan of Meg Cabot.

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