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According To Jane – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on June 13, 2010

Hearing voices on your head is not a good thing and it will surely earn you a visit to the psychologist. But if the highly praised and very famous Ms. Jane Austen talks to you through your mind, surely you’d be honored.

This exactly happens to Elizabeth Barnett, one very lucky and ironically, unlucky woman. With Jane on her side acting as the sister, the best of friends, and the mentor, Ellie goes through a lot of man hunting, high hoping, and painful break ups resulting to a very low fall back to loneliness with tears on her cheeks and a painful bum.

According To Jane had a very simple message – to listen to your heart, not to someone’s else. Finding out what you truly wants is far different from feeling that you want this because someone raised such point. It makes a difference.You could listen and follow the advice but be able to recognize when its time to use your own understanding.

Jane Austen as a character is very entertaining as well as an author, voicing out her opinion in Regency Era language and expressing her distaste in antique cursing. In every advice and warning, Jane speaks words of wisdom and truth. It must have been really convenient to have Jane Austen guiding your sense.

One highly praised positive factor in this book is how relationships evolve and grow, how people grow up.

Ellie and her sister, Diana, for instance. Siblings tend to separate first, marking the one geek and the other the bitch. Then how they seek each other out as time elapses, needing, helping, defending each other – portraying the truth in my parents’ words that in the future, it’s each other’s company you will have.

Even before Mr. Darcy arrived in Ellie’s front steps, I knew this was coming. I knew his intentions. But I have yet to know how he is going to prove himself. Brant fashioned this modern Mr. Darcy from the Regency Era Mr. Darcy – the same haughty and arrogant manner we all recognize. There was certainly a hint of Pride and Prejudice in this book (which of course satisfied Laurel Ann, hence the 5 stars) enough to make us giggle with delight as we recognize the same man, the same action, the same words…

The modern Darcy and Bennett tandem beautiful enough to feed the hearts of Austen fans. It’s a love story we recognize, recycled, and will be much appreciated as the original.

Rating: 4.5 out 5!


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