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The Gift – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on April 4, 2010

“The Gift” by Cecilia Ahern

Rating: 4.5 out of 5!

We value time the most when the deadline is near, when we lose it once, when we are running out of it. Time is our constant enemy, our constant wish. We apportion it with out family, work and friends but give more emphasis on work. Work, work, work. At the end of the day, you sleep with your family, or with luck, play with them, but is your heart or mind with them?  We sometimes wish we could defy time and nature. To be at two places at once – literally.

God happens to allow miracles. Those who are deserving will be given a chance. He sends people that acts as instruments to act as bridges for His plan to commence. In this story, He allows one man to defy time, thus giving him a chance to fix what was left unattended.

Gabe, a homeless man, offers Lou Suffern a pill that would allow him to be at two places at once. The effect runs out in the morning. How do you think Lou uses this pill? To be at work, and at home or to be at two meetings at once? Why of all people was Lou chosen?

The Gift is a very beautiful and meaningful story by Cecilia Ahern, now one of my favorite authors, fit for the Christmas season. For people who doesn’t find time to spend a portion of their time to people who matters the most. The story teaches us that life is short, no matter how long the days are, and that time will never stop and take a pause to check on your status. It will always be running, and you’d be constantly chasing after it.


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