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Sunday Salon

Posted in Memes, Sunday Salon by Lex on February 7, 2010

Happy Sunday!

This past weeks was so much of a lag. I had no book-ish posts and I missed about two Sunday Salons for the reason that it would be pointless to make a TSS post since I have nothing good to report aside from alibis.

This TSS is just like any other – empty. So why am I writing?

Simply because I am happy. This past few weeks, I have been scheduling posts ahead, posts concerning my other interests such as fashion, crafting and photography. I may not be fully involved, but I do have my eye on these. I never really meant to create an all book-ish blog but something more of my interests. And there you go.

This week is school was also a lag yet I am happy now since the printer was finally fixed and I have a few to submit in school so I take that as something to be celebrated. My goals of exploring more of the vastness of SM Mall here in my place was fruitful. I was just a bit blind when I walk and roam around. I have finally made a post about the first ever Filipina whom I loved and stalked (check out Tricia Gosingtian soon).

Lastly, this one thing totally made my day and eventually my week which also prompted me to write a TSS: Harry Potter. This book could make everything fine, believe me. Especially on those days when you feel so lazy and guilty and unaccomplished (watch out for: The Best Scenes From Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince).

A lot of little things happened this week that if summed up, could be considered big. Little things matter.

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  1. bermudaonion said, on February 7, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    Harry Potter books are great to get lost in, aren’t they? Hope things pick up for you this week!

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