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Dream of Doll

Posted in anime., interests. by Lex on January 19, 2010

Have you heard of Dream of Doll or D.O.D?

This is a collection of ball-jointed dolls that I am dying to get. They have four categories:

  • D.O.I or Dream of Idol
  • D.O.T or Dream of Teen
  • D.O.C or Dream of Children
  • D.O.B or Dream of Baby

Ball-jointed dolls are not new, mind you. They’ve been produced for years and are famous in Korea, Japan and China. Among all BJD (ball-jointed dolls) makers, D.O.D is my favorite. If you’d try browsing on their online racks, you’d find nothing to dislike. Every doll they make is unique and beautiful.BJDs could be a variety of parts. For example, my doll could have a body purchased from D.O.D while the head is purchased from D.I.M. You dress them up, change their hair, shoes, request for a make-up, purchase accesories or whatsoever you might want to do with your doll. What entices me if their faces. It’s just plain handsome and beautiful that I wish I’d find someone as beautifully crafted as these dolls. These could be good photography models too. Oh just imagine.

In my opinion, D.O.D is the best. I feel like I could marry a doll. Err, I kid, I kid.

D.O.I Crush Ver. II

D.O.I A&D Ver. II

D.O.T Ducan

D.O.T Tende Shall & Sha

D.O.T Shall

D.O.C Twingkey and Twin-B

D.O.C Petsha

D.O.C Homme Ivan and Kirill

D.O.C Twingkey

D.O.B Piesces


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