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Sunday Salon

Posted in Memes, Sunday Salon by Lex on January 10, 2010

How was everyone’s week? Did you get over the vacation blues?

I kind of got over the vacation blues since I posted a few this week. I got to submit a few modules though I still have to make the homeworks and study for the post tests. This week wasn’t as slow as I had expected it. Looking back I learned a lesson: make use of your free time. Whenever I browse over the internet and I come to the point that I have no where to go to anymore, I slack off – visit tumblr and spam as many photos as I can. Next time this happens, I should visit WordPress instead and write ahead for the upcoming memes and schedule my posts. I am so dumb. Not for once did this idea pass my head before.

Before I list down my accomplishments for the week, I did a very a good and satisfying shopping. I could even say it’s by far my favorite. I bought stuff that is age appropriate and stylish. Not like before, so kiddy-ish. Yuck. Thanks to Lookbook and Tricia Gosingtian, I planned ahead what I am supposed to buy to get my newly found fashion inspiration – socks. My stupid, younger self before thought that socks are for sneakers. My better, older self thinks that socks are cuter when used with ballet flats and paired with dresses or shorts or even skirts. And so, I bought dresses and boleros and sleeveless tops that help me look stylish when I go to my no-uniform school. I feel so excited whenever I think about it. Another blessing I am grateful about.

This week, I also shopped for books and reviewed some of them:

I completed three memes this week too. If you’d want to check them out, just click here, here and here.

So how well did your week go?

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