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If You Could See Me Now – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on January 9, 2010

I wanted to complete all of Cecilia Ahern’s novels and so I bought this. As of now, I still lack 3 more books. I read the first chapter for this novel over the internet on I thought this would be a bit crappy (based on the cover) but I was so wrong. Judging a book by its cover is definitely something I need to stop.

Elizabeth Evans is, to me, an obsessive compulsive woman. She scrubs her already gleaming house. She moves things, like jars and pepper sprinklers, half an inch  to the left or right just to put them in the position that satisfies her. She continually scolds her nephew, Luke, to stop dragging his foot when walking and to answer “yes” not “yeah”. She drinks coffee like it would be banned the next day. She finds it hard to sleep at night. She doesn’t like rain. She’s an interior designer who chooses neutrals only. Not a sight of greens or reds could be found on her designs nor on her clothes. She wears crisp black or brown suits for work with her hair tied in a tight bun. She has no time to laugh or talk nonsense. She fears the opinions of her neighbors. She’s the exact opposite of Poppy, one of her employees, who goes to work like she just took a bath from a pool of paint. She needs to learn how to open up and to express her feelings.

Ivan of Ekam Eveileb comes into her life to teach her just the right lesson she needs to learn. Ivan works with children. He works in a company whose aim is to be a child’s best friend. Ivan is what parents call invisible friends and what children calls best friends.

Elizabeth starts seeing Ivan and Elizabeth being Elizabeth she refuses to believe that Ivan is indeed invisible. She continues to believe that Ivan is Sam’s father, a friend of Luke. The extra slice of pizza , the invisible Ivan that Luke talks to, the Ivan who can’t open doors, the Ivan who loves olives and milk and knows a lot about olives, is the same Ivan Elizabeth sees. But she won’t believe it.

As crazy as that sounds, Ivan is real.. just invisible.

This book is all about the changes that Elizabeth undergoes as Ivan helps her to open up the deepest part of her life that she chose to hide from outsiders. In a small town, gossip is easy to spread. Everyone knows everyone and everything. He helps her realize those dreams that she dreamed together with her lost mother. He helps her reunite with her father. He helps her love Luke more and allow her self to fill the gaps which was supposed to be Saoirse’s, her crazy sister, job. He helps her let new people enter into her life. He made her feel how loving someone feels. He helped her overcome her fears.

If You Could See Me Now is a tale of love, hoping, dreams, vain waiting and moving on. This is fiction and we very well know that invisible friends do not exist. But the point is, sometimes, help comes in the most bizarre ways. Ways that seem impossible but is actually possible as long as you believe. Elizabeth believed in Ivan. Elizabeth loved Ivan. To her, the touch, the voice, the laughter, their moments together, the kiss was real. It’s good that nobody accused her being crazy, no?

This is another amazing tale, just like There’s No Place Like Here, written by Cecilia Ahern.

If to Ivan, blue is by far his favorite color, spinning is by far his favorite play, Elizabeth is by far his favorite friend, If You Could See Me Now is by far my favorite story.

(Note: Turn the letters for Ekam Eveileb around.)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5!


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