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Sunday Salon

Posted in Memes, Sunday Salon by Lex on December 20, 2009

This week was the best so far, blogging aside.

The whole week, we practiced for our Roleplay (The Story of Nativity), our song number, and our dance number (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You). Everything was pure fun. No one got mad because everyone had patience and that is something I never found on my old school. Christmas presented us all a very important gift, friendship. Through the laughter and joys on our practices, the time we spent together, we got to know each other better and in result, became closer than ever. It’s fulfilling to know that everyone finds me nice and that those people who give a bad first impression are actually nice and humorous people, just the sort I like.

That day was an experience too. My first drink ever. I don’t feel bad.. actually, I feel good that at least, I am not naive. My friend got drunk on that day and he kind of.. rolled on the walkside. So I better learn how to control myself or I’ll end up like him and get beaten up by my Dad and my Laptop confiscated.

Because of the busyness and hectic schedule, I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted but nevertheless, I am happy that another week, a very free week, will start where I could start reviewing the promised books (HP 6 & Message In A Bottle).

As my last post was trying to convey, all this happiness will surely follow something opposite. The planned visit to my grandmother’s place for her birthday was put off due to tight budget and low rates of dollars. Also, maybe my trip to the bookstore would be postponed for next week again. But then, every problem has a solution. Grandma will come here instead for a Doctor’s appointment and by the time every financial problem is sorted out, I could scratch a few books on my list. All I need to do now is wait and be patient.

It’s not only my blogging that I have to catch up but my studies too. I have to finish as many Modules as I can before school starts. I’m quite scared of my senior year you know. That means preparation for College. Oh my God. Just the name of it puts my brain out of the proper alignment. College would also mean, new school, new friends, new teachers, harder lessons, and new challenger. Quite good for most of you people, you’ve passed college already. Now I have to go through it.

Putting those other things aside, I’d like to show a few photos last December 18, 2009.

The Story of Nativity. We made the costumes, you know.

The ladies at the back with partners in front for the dance number.

Peter (korean), my partner and me in red! My smile is kinda awkward cause I'm stifling my laugh. I just horned him.

Happy Sunday!

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