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Disappointment Always Follows Joy

Posted in other by Lex on December 15, 2009

Little disappointments like seeing the tag of your favorite Chicken Nuggets for 45 php (almost a dollar) then you notice it’s per grams when you thought it’s per kilo. Or big ones like your birthday present (which you’ve been asking for 3 years) getting delayed on the Bureau of Customs because the item was undeclared.. They always follow the opposite. As the physics law states, “In every action, there is always an opposite but equal reaction.”.

With the powerful help of prayers, Father God, and a few helpful people, finally, I already have a laptop. As promised by Mom, by the time I get to my sophomore year, she will buy us a laptop each, and there you go! It might not be the latest laptop but it’s HP, with 4 GB hard drive, built-in webcam and microphone and it’s faster than our graying computer. Bottom line is it’s better and for me the best.

Who could be the happiest this Christmas but me? I even cried when I saw Dad carrying that big FedEx bag with chocolates and everything else. Want one?

Excuse me for bragging (if bragging this may be called) but I am just really happy. In relation to this, I am blogging more often than  before since I got my own Laptop now and I don’t have to share my PC time with siblings. The following week, I’d be starting reviewing for the my 2 latest reads, Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K Rowling. For sure, by next week,  I’ll be buying 2 more books since I believe books will be on sale on that week. With all the preparations I need to do for this week’s school activity, the piece I’m gonna write for my emcee-ing, all the dancing and singing practices I have to do, I don’t have time to think that deeply yet so my posts will be memes and a few musings.

May you guys have a happy week!


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  1. bermudaonion said, on December 16, 2009 at 12:58 pm

    Yay for a new laptop! Enjoy!

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