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Sunday Salon

Posted in Sunday Salon by Lex on November 29, 2009

Happy Sunday today people?

Mine went quite well. Though my family and I was late for church, we still made it for the sermon. It was good and though I was a little tired and sleepy, I understood the point it. It was all about Preaching and that it was meant to express and not to impress. The preacher talked about Paul, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles and his true, no-flattery teaching. That one should learn how to yield to gain authority; for the harder you pull, the lesser authority (which would just be abused) you would get.

Since this is the last Sunday for November, I came up with the conclusion that  the last weeks of November was the laziest, most unproductive weeks of the month. I had no reading and no reviews. Plus, I got sick and now I believe I’ll be diagnosed of ulcer. Who’s to be blamed? Me and my sleeping habits. But when we discover what mistakes we’ve made, we, people with the right minds find a way to fix and prevent it.

So, I’m saving up every bill that I get every week and then I’ll hoard up books on the bookstores for December and make sure that December won’t be lazy and sleepy. Not will all the fireworks eh? And the presents.. and food.. and presents again.. Plus, with what FedEx will send me next month, my blogging would be frequent now for sure. I’d wake up early now and no more brunch. I would never let my intestines grind themselves to bleed.

Moving on, this December, people will be traveling to their families and relatives, meet up and reunite, and take a Christmas vacation – a long breather for hard workers. On the last week of December, my family will be traveling to Surigao del Norte to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday and spend a week till New Year. We’d be visiting relatives and family friends and everyone else and would be roasting an entire pork and lighting fireworks.. and sleeping with mosquitoes.

Never mid the mosquitoes, we can’t disappoint my Grandma on her 80th birthday. Who knows.. it might be her last birthday but let’s hope for the best and that she’d live longer! And I can’t disappoint you too! I’ll be sending pictures of what Surigao del Norte is and what roasting an entire pork would look like. Grins.

So, what are your plans for your blog and for the family this December?

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  1. bermudaonion said, on December 1, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    The holidays do affect my reading since my husband and son are around!

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