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UP – A Movie Review

Posted in interests., movies by Lex on November 13, 2009

UP was a moving, funny story that turned up clear and with good subtitles Up_Posterwhen my Dad bought the pirated copy.

The story begins with the early years of Mr. Carl Fredricksen, who was then shy and quiet. He meets Ellie, an outgoing tomboy who shares the same interest  and idol with him, exploration and famed explorer Charles F. Muntz. They grew up, wed, and started building their own family. Unfortunately, Ellie cannot bear a child thus they save up for their dream of stationing their house at the top of Paradise Falls. Until the day of Ellie’s death arrives which leaves Carl lonely and missing his dear wife.

At first I thought Up was a sad, forlorn movie centering on Carl’s lonely life after his wife’s death. Honestly, I was about to cry if it weren’t on my siblings who were around. My heart was saddened while watching Carl clean the house when he should’ve been cleaning the house with Ellie, wipes the window without Ellie, sits on the couch without Ellie beside him and finds himself waking up alone.

This sad events of Carl’s life is put to an end when Russel,l an overeager, hyperactive, super cute, super chubby with stout legs, Wilderness Explorer who is trying to earn his last badge, Assisting the Elderly, to increase his rank as a Senior Explorer appears at his front door.

Not does Carl’s life become interesting but it goes crazy too! As crazy as escaping the employees of the Retirement House through tying his house with thousands of helium filed balloons and ending up in Paradise Falls, meeting Charles Muntz, getting chased my hundreds of talking dogs, and dragging your own house (I wonder how light Mr. Fredricksen’s house is?) through rocky roads and forests.

Up was a fantastic movie. It was heart melting and hilarious. Grumpy old Carl was softened by the young innocent promises of Russell which probably made him remember his young self. Chubby stout Carl became braver with his goal to save the bird which Muntz was hunting for years.

The innocence of Russell is moving. I remember that kids tend to protect their friends and choose friends over their safety. Quite stupid, yes, but that’s how kids act. Russel is also persistent. He struggles to cling to Mr. Fredricksen’s veranda just to assist Mr. Fredricksen and earn his badge and even goes beyond the call of duty.

Surprisingly, Russell is a happy guy even though he lacks parental guidance. I am moved as he recounts the boring but unforgettable moments with his Dad. I pity that he, innocent as he is, hope s that his Dad would teach him how to build a tent and pin his badge at the ceremony. I feel lucky I have such a caring Dad! I am not left behind. I wasn’t spoiled. I don’t smoke and take drugs. I was raised properly.

The story teaches something that is needed by everybody as we go through life: bravery and courage.  It teaches us to keep our promises (why make a promise if you can’t fulfill it?). It teaches us to leave behind things in the past that cannot be undone and move on just as Mr. Fredricksen let go of the house he and Ellie made and which were filled with memories to the brim.

After all, just as Mr Fredricksen said, it’s just a house.

Movie Stills


Russell and Carl dragging the house.


Mr. Fredricksen's house.


Russell clinging to Mr. Fredricksen's veranda.


Russell and Mr. Fredricksen on South America.

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  1. Kitchen Canisters said, on December 2, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    i can see a lot of movie reviews on the internet and i usually buy dvd movies with great reviews ..*

  2. meltedpoo said, on November 13, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    If it weren’t for the flying house, talking dogs and stuff like that, this movie would be purely based on real ups and downs of life. The beginning already showed that. I loved the movie. :D

    • cutlex said, on November 14, 2009 at 3:40 am

      Well those are the condiments. That’s why the movie was delicious. I loved it as well!

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