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The Lucky One – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on November 8, 2009

Do you believe in Lucky Charms?

U.S. Marine Logan Thibault (read as T Bolt) does.

After finding a photograph of a smiling young woman during his tour in Iraq, he experiences sudden streaks of luck – winning poker games when he usually loses and ends up being the only survivor on certain deadly combats. If Victor, his superstitious friend, were to explain this surprising phenomena, it would be that the photograph was his lucky charm. Was he correct?

When Victor and Logan decided to quit and take a break from all the bullets and bombs, they took a fishing trip. Talking, reminiscing, drinking, smoking . . until Victor was hit on the head by the motor of a boat that was left by a group of careless teenagers. But before he died, he explained to Thibault that he owes this woman whatever luck he gained from the photograph. Since Victor’s death, Thibault has been seeing Victor’s ghost and getting nightmares. Since Victor’s words and the photograph kept on bugging him at, he set out his journey to find the woman who he believes, saved his life and who will be the woman he’d live with the rest of his life, with the photograph as his only guide. From then on, his walk from Colorado to Hampton started.

He meets Keith Clayton along the way, taking nude pictures of teenagers. He serves as our villain and not only that, but something more important. He is the grandson of head of the Clayton clan who, basically owns Hampton for they own almost every business franchise in the place. What would you expect? A playboy, bossy, arrogant, a person who takes advantages and uses his name to crush people with his pinky finger, and to keep other men away from Elizabeth, his ex-wife and the woman on the photograph. Yes, ironic. Could Logan, fearless and clever as he is, spark a nerve on Keith and start a fight? Would Elizabeth believe in Logan once he opens up about the photograph? Who would Elizabeth side with? What part will their son, Keith and Elizabeth’s, play?

At first read, The Lucky One didn’t catch my heart. The tone was too serious. To me, it looked like “This will all be narration, no conversations.”. But then, you can’t just put down a Nicholas Sparks without reading a few more chapters.

And so I find the book .. beautiful. The concept of finding your other half through a photograph, a lucky charm, interesting. Logan’s character is amusing. I love him. His calm demeanor, his organized ways, his fearless aura, how he handles situations and more. You would feel safe with him. He’s a talented man who could play the piano and the violin. He loved Elizabeth’s son. He knows how to play with him. He could adjust well with Ben. In other words, a good father.

On the other hand, I hate Keith. I hate him. How would he be so bossy? How could he prevent Elizabeth from starting a new life? There were not divorced.  Grandfather Clayton will not consent to it. Judge Clayton would not permit it. Keith Clayton is keeping an eye on anyone who gets near Beth while he himself is sleeping with other women. Nice. Plus, he’s a bad father. He does not have the ability to sense when and when not to. And he fears dogs! Good thing Thibault keeps one, Zeus and a very intelligent dog at that. Hah.

Okay enough with the I-hate-Clayton.

The conclusion is: The book is worth reading. I had no regrets and it was not boring at all. Though the theme is centered around romance and destinies, it kept on the edge of my seat.

Nicholas Sparks made me cry as he did with his other fans. I cannot find fault except a little bit about Elizabeth’s overreaction. The Lucky One made me bring back the old me who believes in signs.. and soul mates.. and same color of shirts means you’re meant to be.. and destiny.. but hey!  sometimes I still do (*blush*).

I must not stop believing though. Who knows, maybe I’d find myself making up signs and eventually finding my other half.  Maybe we’d find our destined man or woman, dear readers, the same way Logan found his.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 5!


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  1. Alayne said, on November 13, 2009 at 9:21 pm

    What a nice review. I haven’t read Sparks in a long time because I sort of overdosed on his stuff in high school, but maybe it’s time to pick him up again. Thanks.

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