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There’s No Place Like Here – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on November 3, 2009

When lost, getting lost again would mean finding your way back.

In the case of Sandy Shortt (she’s standing six feet tall), that is.

Since Sandy’s childhood classmate disappearance, she has been obsessed on finding missing things. Her sole goal is finding what was lost- from vanishing socks, to misplaced  car keys or missing people who have suddenly vanished from their loved ones. She keeps on finding misplaced possessions and lost people, but how about the things that she needs in her life? Is she paying attention to these?

Jack Ruttle is one of those desperate people who can’t move on. He cannot play his life the way he used to unless he finds his brother, alive or dead. She seeks Sandy Shortt’s help and starts reading articles and reports, replaying every bit of information on his mind and talking to friends who was with Donal on the night of his disappearance. On the day of their supposed face-o-face meeting, Sandy did not show up. She did not call after 3 days. She just suddenly disappeared. Could she be lost herself?

Jack finds Sandy’s car near the estuary with her cold coffee, phone and Donal Ruttle’s files. Will he find Sandy or leave it as it is? Where could Sandy be anyway?

Sandy is in a place called “HERE”. A place where missing things go. Not just things but people, scents, memories, laughters, feelings that have been forgotten. She finds herself in a community of lost people who have chosen to live and start a life in Here. She finds the people whom she was looking for years, people who are reason for the tears of their loved ones who sought for Sandy’s help and shoulder. Now that she’s found what she’s been finding, what is she going to do? Bring them back? But how? Should she tap her shoe like Dorothy and say “There’s no place like home.”? Maybe not.

There’s No Place Like Here is a book I truly enjoyed and I wouldn’t give any negative remark for I see nothing except that Sandy does not appreciate her parents. I wasn’t disappointed that it wasn’t entirely focused on romance. I was rather amused of how the story went. I was surprised of where Sandy ended up and confused on how I could possibly theorize how she and the others got lost.

Another amusing thing is, Here. It wasn’t just one village but more. They live on lost things that end up in Here but they managed to have electricity through solar panels (how could solar panels get lost?). They grow vegetables and a whole village eats at a canteen. They have heads in each village. Villagers are composed of all sorts of races. And they have a Lost and Found booth (yeah?). But what’s sad about Here is when you hear your laughter swept by the winds, your scent or those important words you said to somebody special. The feeling of being forgotten.

I wouldn’t answer my questions for the world. I wouldn’t tell how Donal was found and how exactly Sandy found her way home, who found her and where she was found. I wouldn’t tell if Sandy or Jack ended up together or not. Where’s the surprise then?

Find your way to the bookstore and buy the book. Avoid getting lost!

Ratings: 5 out of 5!


2 Responses

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  1. cutlex said, on November 8, 2009 at 6:12 am

    Oh thank you. I assure you there would be no regrets. BTW, it might have a different title on your place.

  2. binkybinky said, on November 7, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    I most definitely will! This sounds like the book I’d fall in love with. Thanks for the review, I’ll scour my favorite bookstore for it tomorrow!

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