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Sunday Salon

Posted in Sunday Salon by Lex on November 1, 2009

Happy halloween! :]The Sunday

Have you brought candies for me? Unfortunately, I am so old for fairy costumes and people won’t find me cute anymore if I knock on their doors so no candies. Nevertheless, that’s fine since candies harm the teeth and who wants ugly teeth when mine is crooked already?

On the other hand, I have a few forunate events that I am so happy to share. First, I have joined the Sunday Salon and this would be my first post. Yay! Second, I have read 3 books for the week and have reviewed 2 books (one of which is a really really late review of a book I have read months and months ago).

This week I have reviewed:

I have 2 upcoming reviews of two great books and I am currently saving up a thousand to buy 3 books, completing my Cecilia Ahern collection and adding Breaking Down to my Twilight Saga collection.

I’m currently on sembreak, currently loitering when I’m supposed to be studying. . Oh well. :)




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