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Love, Rosie – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on October 31, 2009

Love, Rosie

by Cecilia Ahern

How could they not gather up the courage to grab the opportunity and turn their backs on the wrong man/woman on the altar?

Rosie and Alex, best friends since childhood are separated as teenagers when Alex’ parents decided to relocate from Dublin to Boston. Even miles away they keep in touch through e-mails and letters. Each learns how to stand on their own; Rosie, with her dreams shattered to pieces due to an unexpected pregnancy had it not been for Alex who missed the debs and Alex pursuing his career as a surgeon and his second marriage with a woman he doesn’t love completely had it not been for Rosie who did not receive Alex’ letter.

You see, everyone believes that sooner or later this inseparable best friends will end up marrying each other except themselves. How their life is so full-packed with missed opportunities I cannot explain. But what I could explain is how this book made me cry and how I love Cecilia Ahern.

Love, Rosie, is the first book that made me cry. Cry. It did not just well up my eyes but made tears roll down my cheeks. It’s also the first book in my shelf that is comprised of emails and letters. It’s amusing how through this notes passed during class, emails, letters sent across miles, and chat conversations  (long and no-shortcut conversations at that) can tell a story of two people who are coward and blind and how, at their 50s, they found their way to where every book always end up.

The book did not only surround around Alex and Rosie but also of their surroundings. It is clearly obvious that this book is romance so it would be safe to say that Rosie’s daughter, Katie, found her own romantic story with her best friend too,Toby. Should we expect the same events for little Katie? Or is she taking a different path and took a lesson from her Mom’s life? Ms. Big Nose Smelly Breath Casey (principal if you haven’t noticed) said she sees a Deja Vu here. Rosie and Alex exchange notes on class, chat on Computer Classes, and is always called by the principal for their behavior which goes the same for Katie and Toby. But does the similarity end here or not yet? You’ll see once you read the book.

I not only raise my glass to Alex and Rosie, Katie and Toby, but also to Ruby who was there for Rosie while Alex was away and to her over sized son, Gary, and to the Relieved Divorced Dubliners, most especially, who are the prime source of my big laughs. May Cecilia Ahern live more so she could write more (I find her number of collection quite small).

May I also find you running to the bookstore.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5!


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