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Forever and Always – A Review

Posted in books., interests. by Lex on October 31, 2009

Forever and Always

by Jude Devearux

Would you help when you yourself needed help?

Darci Montgomery is living the life of complete happiness until the man who brought all these happiness disappeared without a trace, vanished like a bubble with. Aside from the frustrating fact that she sensed something from Adam before his disappearance and that she ignored it, aside from the fact that she is now raising her child alone and has no explain as to where Daddy is, the press and some man blessed, or rather cursed with the ability to create telltales at a very convenient time adds to the pressure Darci is already feeling, forcing her to lock her self on her own doors, forcing Darci now dubbed the Hillbilly Honey with a book about her and how to snug a millionaire to hide from piercing eyes and flashing cameras.

It’s hard to work without the comforts of freedom to search for answers and to travel miles for clues. Darci’s long lost and now reunited dad helps with the search for clues on finding Adam, and not only him, his wife, Adam’s sister, Boadicea and the Mirror of Nostradamus. All Darci could do  sit on the couch, and feel on papers in hopes that something might came up. In the middle of all these feeling and touching, a famous actor, Lincoln Aimes, visits Darci in hopes also of finding his son. Would she lend a hand if she herself needs help? I guess if her feelings tells her so.

Forever and Always, is the second book on Jude Deveraux’s Forever Trilogy. I was surprised when I read the summary at the back of the book. I did not expect that after Adam would once again vanish and that an actor would be the key to finding Adam, but would Linc’s help be enough? I would leave this question unanswered. Ironic also that the clues would be found at place where seances are held, fake seances. For sure, Darci is laughing her ass of with these people.

The book was fun. I enjoyed Linc and his sexual desires with Darci and how Darci would retaliate through her powerful mind. I enjoyed their charade of rich woman and gay secretary. I enjoyed their encounter of ghosts and the scary Devlin. Isn’t it funny that ghosts get scared with a ghost too? Amusing. Devlin too is amusing. A ghost, a shape shifter. He is feared by ghosts and humans too. He tends to be a bit creative with his shape shifting. He’s annoying too. His task is to give clues to Darci but he tends to give pieces and not big, but small pieces at that.

For the adventurous type of reader who is fond of clues, adventure, thrill and more clues to solve, I recommend the Forever trilogy to you. You will enjoy the book.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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