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Anime Convention 10.24.09

Posted in other by Lex on October 24, 2009

An Anime Convention held at Ayala Mall Activity Center by ArchCon was our itinerary for today. Characters from Naruto with a very hot Sasuke, Misa and L from Death Note, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy, Madame Red from Black Butler and more was cosplayed by different people. Their elaborate and almost the same costumes made me wow. This characters were not just cosplayed by normal looking guys but by people who actually look good and could pull off the characters they cosplay with elegance and precision.

Do you know what’s actually interesting at Anime Conventions? First, the BISHIS that attend the convention, the booths and stuffs they sell and the cosplayers. And do you know what sucks? If you have no camera and you’ve got a blog and so much to say. That’s what is happening to me, you know. I have no friggin’ pictures to show you. Only one: Sasuke. I can’t post the ones with my friends because that’s so public you know.

This December, there might be another Anime Convention and I might dress up but I won’t join the contests. By December, I might get a DigiCam so yeah, I’m so gonna fill your tummy guys with photos of cool cosplayers. I just hope there will be another Anime Con.

Edited: Team Shinobi (Naruto Characters) won the cosplaying contest.

Photo of Hot Sasuke will be up soon but not now.


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