Belching Words


Posted in other by Lex on October 15, 2009

“I heard him sing.

I saw him eat with chopsticks

and I felt myself falling slowly.”

This day, October 15 was really good and I’m satisfied. He was at school and as usual was cool (rhyming?). H e looked so good with white. It compliments his creamy skin. As I have learned myself already, I now have the confidence to stare and look at him with ease. If I can’t say what I’m dying to say, then at least, let my eyes speak.

I heard him sing, as the line above says. In korean, he sang a love song that I barely understand. But what I know is, I love his manly voice. When he lies down (are Koreans naturally sleepy?), he looks so innocent! And as my sister said, as if oblivious of the world. Another image of his that I captured through my eyes (though I’d really want to get my cam and take a snap!) was when he was sitting down, eyes down on the ground and looking heavily drunk (he wasn’t). He looked so much like L from Death Note. It’s like I wish he’d go to the Anime Convetion this 24th and dress up like L. I could die then.

Well, this ends my ranting of another “falling”. Is this a dream to be wasted?


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