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The Peanuts Should’ve Been Mine!

Posted in other by Lex on October 13, 2009

Here in the Philippines, there’s something that you call lihi. It’s about a pregnant woman’s cravings. For example, when I was in the womb of my Mommy, her cravings were an energy drink and Filipino delicacies. In result, I’m the super hyper active, almost unladylike kid and I love Filipino delicacies. *o* drools

On the other hand, my Mom’s craving on my younger brother’s time were peanuts. And that just means that my brother will be intellectually superior to me. Well, I’m quite brainy because my parents started teaching us how to read way before we started school and we skipped fancy prep-school, nursery, and kindergarten. But my brother is clever and really naughty. He memorizes terms on Social Studies in front of the computer and studies with that inconsistent manner. While I, have to find the right mood, the right stimulant, the right time to study so that all those American Civilizations that I don’t give a damn about (no offense) would be etched into my coconut shell.

This is not scientifically proven, mind you, but it makes sense to me!

How about you? Have you ever asked your mothers what her cravings were when you were in her womb? If so, did it make sense?


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  1. meltedpoo said, on October 14, 2009 at 10:25 am

    Sometimes, coincidence just happens
    Maybe you are just not as brainy
    Don’t blame the peanuts
    Ahahaha! :))

    • cutlex said, on October 16, 2009 at 6:25 am

      Stay away sister :)
      Kidding! xPP TY on the comments.

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