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Promoting my Gaian Help Thread

Posted in announcements. by Lex on October 7, 2009 is a social networking site from which I am a member with. This site might seem for teens only but even moms and married men and women join and participate in whatever goes on in this site.

On Gaia, I have a thread on the forums that might possibly you:

*Eliminating Pimples The Safest, Cheapest Way

*Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

*Exfoliating With Lemon

*Quick Hair Fix

*Rehydrate Dry Skin (esp. on Winter Season)

*Reduce Eye Puffiness

If one of these caught your attention, check my thread here. You can view the page even if you’re not a member but you cannot post any of your feedbacks and question. On the other hand, you can do the asking and thank yous here.

I’d really wish that you’d sign up on Gaia and post your replies. On the thread, you’d see the rules and things that you must keep in mind while using one of the tips.

Thank you.


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  1. mickbuely said, on December 31, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    hi there every one – hope yous had a good one – iv blew 3 months of dieting in one day ha , all the best for 2012 – mick

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