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Bohol Educational Tour

Posted in other by Lex on October 1, 2009

Of the 11 destinations that we went to, this 5 particular places caught my heart and amazement:
Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills at Carmen, the Man-Made Forest at Bilar, Tarsier Encounter at Loboc, and the River Cruise at Loboc. First on the list are the Chocolate Hills. Looking at them on post cards were way different compared to the real view. It was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s amazing to see hills at such a distance and height. With the view of the Chocolate Hills and the feel of the strong wind, it’s a memory forever etched on my memory bank.



The Man-made forest was another unbelievable site.To think that the huge forest with all the tall trees was made by mere humans is something seemingly impossible. Unfortunately, we did not stop by to take full view and pictures.



The cute Tarsiers on Loboc was literally small. I cannot believe at first the testimonies who have seen before me. The eyes were so unproportional to the body. I wonder, do they ever get cross eyed? LOL. These cute mammals could be suicidal after all. To bang their heads to death when stressed is absurd!

Lastly, the River Cruise were one of the best. It was just plain romantic. The idea of a floating restaurant is unique. The little falls was beautiful. These hanging vines was like from Neverland, Peter Pan’s home. The river though dirty, was still beautiful, thanks to the tress, mangroves and greeneries. With all these, I truly enjoyed what I thought was “just” an educational tour.



Feeling like you want to see it yourself? :)


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