Belching Words

Pain Brought By Jealousy.

Posted in Uncategorized by Lex on September 28, 2009


Should you be jealous when he’s not yours? Should you be jealous with the flirts? Should I? A question that keeps ringing on my head and is eager to be answered. Is there a guru who could help? Can you help?

Highschool Years as they say are the best. You get your first kiss, first real skip of a beat of the heart, first boyfriend, first smoke, first drink, first party, first outside the province trip.. first everything. For a fourteen year old to fall in love with a sixteen year old foreigner and getting jealous because the flirts flirt with him, and he smiles and talks and drinks with them. Do boys really enjoy te company of ANY girl?

Seriously Lex, maybe you’re just overreacting, acting sentimental, being childish but to intellectualize this adolescent.. er, overreaction, my questions makes sense, right? I believe, even adults experience the same.

I just read my horoscope fr the month and it quite makes sense though I don’t actually believe it’s accurate. It says, to summarize, to make a move. I’ve been  just day dreaming, giggling with friends, staring at him when he’s not looking but I never said hello! So maybe I should :] I’ve been practicing my smiles you know! The question is, what if he ignores me? Well, that hurts and that’s *curses*. But nevertheless, I should have to try and gather all my courage. Surely, he won’t look at me if I say hello with a teeny-weeny voice!




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