Belching Words

Church Embarrassment.

Posted in other by Lex on September 20, 2009

As the title says, I got some “OOOPS!” moment in church. When you say church, you’re not in a house full of judgmental people, just a few. Still, I got myself embarrassed. We were singing praises and then every time there’s a pause, a certain cute baby makes a stupid sound like a goat. Doesn’t that make you laugh? Well, not here, but if you were on my place, you’d laugh! And I just did, and quite loud for a few people to express their shock on my unethical action.

*covers face* Of all the worse things that could happen, it would be embarrassments! I pray every night that embarrassments would be prevented outside home. I could trip in front of my Dad, but not in front of my schoolmates or a crowd of strangers! Oh.. oh!

Setting aside, that horrible fact, my sister celebrated her birthday last Thursday, the 17th of September. For years, we never had that big birthday blowout but since it so happened that visitors were around and one of them was someone who cooks really good, we had gallons of ice creams, 2 boxes of cake (with quality and affordable price! from Leona’s :D) and plates and plates of good food that we seldom cook in the house! Oh talk about joy!

As a birthday gift, Mom gave my sister a thousand bucks and with that she bought books, our sole joy. She got the third book for the Forever series which I reviewed last time. I am on Chapter ten I guess and I’ll be reviewing it after reading. Still, I promise to review Jane Eyre and this introduction of a new theme to me.

PS. We’re off to Bohol on the 25th and 26th therefore, pray for me and wish me all the sunshine the sun could give.


Lex xx


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