Belching Words

When Nothing Interesting Happens.

Posted in other by Lex on September 15, 2009

When was my last post again? Since that day, nothing really interesting happened. Except for a few new things that I am sure would bore you:

I got my new haircut and found my hairstylist. Of course, KC is friendly and attentive. He is not the type who picks for rich costumers. That was my first time so let’s see if any change of air happens on my second haircut.

Mom refused to pay for my French classes so instead, next year, I’m taking cooking/baking lessons. She’s quite right though, if I learn French and I don’t go to France, what’s the point?

This 25th of September, something really exciting is going to happen.  An educational tour to Bohol. In case you foreigners ask, “Bohol?”, it’s a province in the Philippines were you get to see Chocolate Hills. Interested? Start saving up. Moving on, we’re staying in Bohol for a day, and will be visiting 11 destinations and I just really hope it would be something worth visiting not just boring vintage churches. Another thing, I hope he gets to join and his Mom won’t tighten the belt too much. I mean, he’s a Junior and capable of punching a guy, so?

Speaking of Mr. Peter Yang, still no progress. I am still not his friends. Not a conversation passed our lips. Why? It’s different in the Philippines. We’re pretty conservative. Flirting is not something you can just do or you’ll be judged negatively. I can talk to him but not like the “flirts” in school does. They like barge in a door when greeting him. Feeling close? :))

I am reading Northanger Abbey again. It’s my first classic novel so it wasn’t thoroughly read. Right now, I’m kind of busy so I’m still on the near pages. My Jane Eyre review is upcoming so better watch for it.

Adieu for now. I just felt like typing since I got my nails done. Hehi :3

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