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To Be Home schooled

Posted in other by Lex on September 3, 2009

To be home schooled is lonely. You cannot experience the fun that students on the traditional school experience every time they go to school. You don’t get to go on field trips or participate on district or regional contests which enhances your talents and boosts your self confidence.

But then, to be home schooled saves you the trouble of waking up 6am in to morning or attending Flag Ceremonies or losing your wits because of your scary looking teachers. To be home schooled means freedom; freedom from all of the disadvantages of the traditional schools.

I myself is home schooled and will be until my senior year. I do not know if there is another meaning for home schooled but in my case, I have 10 modules for each subject and answers them at home. After finishing the module, home works, projects, and the studying, I go to school, ready for my exam. Though  CIDEC or Cebu International Distance Education College has a small population of students, I still feel like I was in my old University though the difference are I don’t see my old friends though I visit them from time to time, I still get to laugh and have fun with classmates but not as extreme as before, I don’t get to join Press Cons and field trips, I now have confidence in Mathematics (because you see, my teachers explain it to me with that smiling face but in my old school, they call you in front and asks you to solve equations and explain. it’s embarrassing to get mistakes!), I pick my days (as in what day I go to school [four days a week only]) and I don’t have to worry about getting late since attendance and punctuality won’t affect my grades, and we have a small canteen (._. but then it’s near the mall and near McDonald’s).

So if you guys think that being home schooled sucks or is boring or is lame, well, in a way it is but mostly not. It has the disadvantages but there’s an easy solution to the problem! For me, I like being home schooled though I do sometimes feel lonely.. and alone but I don’t have to expect to get perfect days, do I?


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