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Celebrating Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines

Posted in books., other by Lex on September 1, 2009

This is not a big national celebration but in respect and acknowledgment to the national language of the Republic of the Philippines, schools from the different corners of my native country celebrate through wearing native costumes and speaking Filipino for the whole day. Students participated on the native games which was brought back to life due to the month’s activity.

For my school, I was tasked to be the program’s host. Of course, it’s my first time to stand on stage with a microphone for my university before has this big gym that just from the thought of talking in front of this big crowd makes me shiver. My performance wasn’t perfect but well. I tried to put an impact on my girly-girly voice and was appreciated by the teachers. I wasn’t as nervous on how look as how I did with my hosting. I wore a Fuchsia Pink Filipinianiana, white gladiator heels underneath and of course, a smile. With this look, I was surprisingly crowned as the Lakambini which is similar to Belle of the Night. I do not believe that the reason for this was because I was beautiful, because I absolutely think I’m not. I believe it was just because there were no high school student aside from me who was currently present since the Seniors were busy on their NCAE. If they were around, I would just be the host and nothing more.

The Lakambini is escorted by the Lakandula, the male who is best dressed. If Peter was around, since he’s a Junior and good looking, he would be the Lakandula! What a dream! Unfortunately, it would be weird to see a Korean guy wear a Barong though IMO is interesting. Instead, my little brother escorted me since he was the only guy with a good height who can pair mine and is wearing a Barong.

Since, I mentioned Peter, let us talk a little about him. First, I saw first time with jeans and hooded shirt and not just the plain tees he wears. Second, I talked to him  though it was something regarding school but nevertheless, I heard his voice addressed to me! A trifle thing, I know, but a good treat for a stupid fan girl.

Concerning my favorite pastime, I am currently reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Lady Susan by Jane Austen and abruptly stopped reading The Great Gatsby. You see, American classics did not suite me at all. First, it’s so confusing and boring. No romance. It’s so American, the usual murders, adultery, deceit and lies and pretensions. I don’t like. Period.

As for Jane Eyre, though I’m still on Chapter 17, I’m gradually falling in love with Bronte! Her writing is far from JA and is more complicated but I can understand it. It focuses on romance and the social encounters of Miss Eyre and is a thick book which makes me love it the most! I believe I will be leaving it to rest on my bookshelf with a sigh by the time I finish it. Pray that I could find a new book. Books in the Philippines are so scarce that these to-read books I am listing seems to be an irrelevant list! I cannot trust buying online and I can’t travel to Yale just to borrow books, can I?

On the other hand, Lady Susan, which I am still currently reading on Letter XV, is a new introduction to an amateur Bibliophile like me. Lady Susan, the most accomplished coquette in England, is a new character to me for she is an older woman of younger features and clever and pretentious way of coquetry. As I continue reading, and will soon join a Soiree with Lady Susan by Laurel Ann of Austenprose, I will have a broader view of Lady Susan’s character and her progress on her new quest, Mr. Reginald De Courcy.

So long dear friends! You will hear from me soon! GB!



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