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Polished Nails in the Philippines

Posted in other by Lex on August 20, 2009

Why don’t you go to the Parlor? It’s a necessity to have trimmed, clean, polished nails. Proper grooming must not only be practiced on clothings, hair, shoes but most importantly, on your nails too!

Whenever I get my nails done, I feel happiness. I feel beautiful and confident with my colored nails. My nails display my mood. As of today, I feel in love so I sport Coral Pick nails. It complements my brownish skin and my new ring too!

Here in the Philippines, you only need to pay 40 pesos to polish your nails. That would be equivalent to, I guess, one dollar. Cheap, no? I heard that in the USA, since my Mom works abroad, beauticians, hair stylists, and those jobs residing in Parlors and Salons demand high amounts for their service.That explains why some learn to cut their own hair and trim their own nails. So why don’t you take a trip here in the Philippines and before going home after all those beach trips, for once in your life, take a bite of cheap service for your nails! Saves a lot!


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