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Forever by Jude Deveraux- A Review

Posted in books. by Lex on August 20, 2009

The first Jude Deveraux novel I have read, Forever gives the reader the laughter, the creeps, the suspense, the giggle, and the thrill. If you are in possession of one right now, I assure you will never regret. After all, what do you expect to a New York Times Bestselling author?

Optimistic, cheerful, funny, perceptive, and with an extraordinary determination. Darci T. Monroe, a lady of twenty-three, undernourished (yet eats a lot) and pale, has a couple of socks which are thin at the heel, and seventy five cents in her wallet was hired as a Personal Assistant by a handsome millionaire, Adam Montgomery.

This is not the cliché romance type where a poor young woman falls in love with the rich guy. The difference here is Adam is not just rich, handsome, has poor humor, ill-tempered but also holds a secret and is determined to find out the mystery of his parent’s death and fight an evil mistress of the dark arts. Here, Darci plays an important role; she possesses abilities no normal human has and believed to be the downfall of the Witch by the prediction of the magical object, a mirror. Unfortunately, for a girl without a father’s guidance nor a mother’s, how would she feel if she can command people to do things?  freeze people on their spot? and worse, how would she feel if she knew that she could kill people by the means of her mind? She’d feel like a freak; scared and confused. Thus, her abilities were not expanded and practiced. After finding the witch’s coven, calling Darci’s father (who was not aware of her existence) and helped her explore further her “gift”, they were set to prevent the Witch from sacrificing Darci and doubling her power, to steal Nostradamu’s Mirror, and free Adam’s sister from thirty-one years of imprisonment and of reading the mirror, for only a virgin can see what the mirror tells.

Witches of the 21st Century (if there are, and I hope there are none) gets advantages on our new technology just like the Witch in this fiction novel. This Witch has a state of the art protection system to prevent outsiders from entering her abode, for example laser beams that cannot be detected unless you’re a few feet above the ground. Coolio, isn’t it? But those hot laser beams does not stop Adam and Darci. This couple has a special connection. Darci can speak to Adam through her mind. Just like mental telepathy but with a slight difference since Adam can’t talk to Darci back. With this, Darci can direct Adam through her mind while sitting on top of the tree. In this scene, the grand kiss happens. For a woman scared of heights, a kiss should shove away all fears.

” He kissed her with everything that he had come to feel for her. He kissed her in memory of the the first time  he’d seen her in her little cat suit. He kissed her in memory of all those times she’d made him laugh. He kissed for every time he’d wanted to touch her but hadn’t allowed himself to. And, most of all, he kissed her for.. well, he wasn’t yet sure, but he thought maybe he kissed her for love.”

Doesn’t that make you want to pull your guy and kiss him the way Adam did? It wasn’t like that on my case but it made me so mad with fit of giggles. It’s like I felt what he felt.

Just like all stories, Forever had its share of a happy ending and a mysterious beginning. Darci and Adam bore Hallie Montgomery, and Boadicea (Adam’s sister) and Taylor (Darci’s father) bore Isabella Raeburne. As expected, these two girls possess abilities they got from their parents and share an intense bond. Wonder what might happen on Forever and Always?

Forever is a book that prevents you from putting it down. Even in scenes where it’s a matter of life and death, Darci never misses a joke. She tries to make people happier and feel lighter. Jude is a bright woman with interesting books and ideas. Sometimes I wonder, where does she hide all those imaginations? Where does it come from? Jude, as an author with a long list of novels, I am sure, I have so much to read and there won’t be a chance to buy a book that will be missed.

Aside from all this, I think Jude missed something and maybe that is, all the action was skipped. All the exact details of what happened and how Darci defeated the Witch was skipped. Another questionable part, or rather the questionable part for me, is Darci’s father, at the end, married Adam’s sister. Doesn’t that sound odd? in Adam’s part, to have your sister as the wife of your father-in-law? I haven’t heard anything of that kind so maybe that’s way it sounds odd to me. But nevertheless, this small factors does not change my liking for Deveraux. She adds an addition to my loved authors.

Forever makes me remember what Mr. Arthur Weasley said to Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets.

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.

Soon, maybe, this objects might appear in the near future. I guess, that might teach us a lesson.

Rating: 4 out 5!


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