Belching Words

In Love With a Nicotine Lover?

Posted in Uncategorized by Lex on August 19, 2009

Is that bad? He passed my standards (which I’m not actually following); feathery hair, chinito, fair complexion, manly voice, cool, simple but clean fashion,and white elbows and knees to top it off! HAHA :)) The downside is, he SMOKES. It’s bad. It’s like killing yourself slowly and very unhealthy. It’s what I don’t like about guys. Some think they look cool when they smoke but for me nah-uh, it’s a thumbs down. Although he smokes and it discouraged me, I still can’t get him out of my mind! Oh well, this is an example of a childish love. Just like Taylor Swift’s song said, I won’t know anything really yet before fifteen.

Aside from that, I got another few sources of happiness that completed my day. First, Dad took us to the mall for a treat. He won in the lottery. Just a small amount but it meant a blessing. So he bought me a ring (fancy but you won’t find any design like this on the real ones), ate a large plate of lasagna with him, and a 100 bucks. That’s an additional to my savings you know! So it counts. Also, because of the ring, my ring collector side was brought to life. From now on, I’ll save up not just for books but for rings and a few necklaces and bracelets.

I just hope this happiness won’t produce sadness tonight. I believe that

“In every action, there is always but an opposite and equal reaction.


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