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Nokia 2680

Posted in other by Lex on August 18, 2009

At last, after months of waiting for the promised phone from Mom, I got it last Saturday and I decided to show it to you ! Actually, it’s not the latest Nokia phone or an iPhone but just the old Nokia 2680 Slide. Supposedly, I was getting one of the Nokia Express Music Series but due to credit card balance problems, I got the cheaper one instead.


Nonetheless, I find it good after a few days. The camera is clear, Bluetooth enabled, cute and sleek, a radio and with an MP2 Player. The only downside is, (compared to the Express Music, that is) it has no USB cord and I cannot access the internet. No emails, no twitter, and no Post by Email on WordPress. Despite that, I’m happy. Its new, a gift, why wouldn’t I be happy?

Setting aside all the improvements in my modern life, I am once again loosing the spirit to study. I’m homeschooled, okay? Its homeschooled in a different road since I still go to school for exams and submissions. Not the parent-is-the-teacher type. I still have teachers, but better than those in the traditional school (lets hope they stay thjat way forever). Another thumbs down is I found another cute guy and this time, he passed my standards, quite passed, actually. Korean, fair complexined, tall, cool, cute, nice hair, weird.. So much to tell on his physical appearances! I still have to find out about who he really is and especially, his English name. I guess though that won’t be possible because he has this weird school schedule which is different to mine. I know that sounds good, a cute guy in a school with the least population. No, I see a premonition that it would soon be my downfall. Soon, if I know more about him, I might get crazy over him and faint just even at the sound of his name. Soon, I will be missing my study plan more than I already have right now.

Oh God, I need your help! It’s just a belief though that love seems to be a hindrance to students with high aims. Is that abnormal? I hope not.

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