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Eliminate Pimples

Posted in other by Lex on August 15, 2009

Mom taught me a cheap solution on getting rid of pimples and preventing it from growing into acne with pus, which is extreme, and planting a huge plantation of rice on your face.

Do this:

1. You need to do this before bedtime.

2. Wash your face an hour before bedtime. Use hot water to open pores; this makes it easier to get dirt.

Don’t you dare do this:

1. Never squish nor prick your pimples. You don’t need holes on your pretty face.

2. Avoid eating sweets, oily food, and peanuts.

3. Avoid sleeping late. As much as possible, get the the right amount of sleep humans need.

4. Do not apply this on dirty skin.


1. Apply powder on face. With this, it makes the face smoother.

2. Pour a considerable amount of powder on palms.

3. Using the tip of your index finger, scoop a thick layer of powder and apply on every pimple.


  • This is not recommended for those allergic to powder and those with asthma and like illnesses.
  • Since the skin does not absorb powder, you have to do this when your not working on daily activities and that would be bedtime.
  • We cannot prevent pimples from growing. Its hormonal so I only have the cure.


Smooth skin and smaller pimples. As you regularly do this, pimples get smaller and smaller till you see nothing. Contradicting to my first statement, when my pimples are really really small that you’ll just notice they exist is when you touch them, I kind of try to remove the yellow green stuff inside. Another benefit is, you don’t have to pay a huge amount for a product that does not truly guarantee what it says on the box. Doesn’t that make everyone happy?

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