Belching Words

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This blog will be no longer used.

Athena Flies Away

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”  Why is 11:11 the time to make a wish?

I make wishes all the time, 1:47, 8:29, 12:51; midnight, sunrise;

with magic wells, with shooting stars, with birthday candles;

with nothing at all but the closing of eyes and curling of fists.  “


”  I don’t want to grow old, please let me keep my little red shoes & wishes for home.

Why did the fairytales have to end?

I would much prefer it if they kept on spinning and spinning in the old film reel;

until the lights flickered and burned out just like time itself.  “


”  Confusion, confusion. The clock had broken and time had stopped.

She wondered to herself, secretly, silently, whose heart had she broken?

Oh, oh dear, it was always her own – was that better than breaking everyone else’s?

Of course, of course it was, we know silly questions lead to honest answers.  “

(This are photos from various amazing artists that I feel fit Athena’s words. Be amazed.)

I found Athena and her blog through the comments section. She left a beautiful sweet comment and I randomly clicked on her name only to find pages and pages of beautiful words sprinkled with fairy dusts, praised by fairy godmothers.

I find her blog similar to Lola’s Deerlings&Ghostthings. Her words pierce you in the heart with joy, creating awe and a smile in a face.

I can never write like her or like Lola or like my sister. My writing has always been suited for newspapers while she can talk about childhood and dreams and heart aches so beautifully befitting a goddess’s hands. An Athena indeed.

Thank you Athena for visiting me. Thank you for leading me to some place beautiful.

Why is 11:11 the time to make a wish?
I make wishes all the time, 1:47, 8:29, 12:51; midnight, sunrise;
with magic wells, with shooting stars, with birthday candles;
with nothing at all but the closing of eyes and curling of fists.
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Mandy Bryant

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I love the boldness of these photos. It’s far from the sweet, dreamy photos that I very much love but all the same, just as pretty, just as amazing. I find it cute that this kids could project so much with the help of Mandy’s great skills and bits of props. This certainly made me smile and erased the sleepiness I feel.

I want to thank everyone who left me kind comments on the previous post. Things are a bit awkward and I tend to stay away from places where I would be easier seen because the fear won’t go away though I already him an A-class ticket. You are very sweet. You are all lovely. I am very overwhelmed and too happy to be even alive because of you. I love you. x

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A Pink Bridal Shower

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{found via}

This could be one of my favorite bridal showers. You see so much pink, lace, ruffles, cameos, and more.vThe food served are just too pretty to eat, with lots of pink toppings and intricate details. But the best part by far? The giveaway. Guests went home with sweet, fragrant perfume made by a combination of scents they themselves chose!

Do read more about the shower and see more photos on Green Wedding Shoes (click link).

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Such photos of freedom and femininity, meadows and wild flowers and lakes!

Just yesterday, Mom and I talked about a wild bunny she saw and then the topic veered off to nature. It’s one of my top five complains in the country – less trees. I love trees and that’s not because they’re the easiest to draw but because they are an important factor in nature, they add beauty and they benefit us humans so much. I won’t expect forests near the city here. Just more trees on the islands on roads. That would be beautiful, don’t you think? Oh how I envy America!

On another note, this is my second post containing edited photos which I largely disown. Katrina gave me the idea of including the name/username of the owner on the photo; Liss made me reconsider how I posts pictures on my blog which are not mine. I took measures such as saving the file with the owner’s name and crediting more. On the link (click Liss), she also gave tips on how to find the owner of the photo you found.

On another website (which I forgot where), I also found an article about a writer who used the artist’s work and did not ask for a permission. Naturally, the artist requested for his artwork to be removed and the writer did so but with much bitterness! The writer complained that the artist must be thankful as his work was used and seen by many so why request for it to be removed? Blah blah blah.

Is that right? Is the writer’s logic correct? I think not.


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{found via}

I tried to edit the photos I share here on my blog. I added a frame (do you like it?) and the source’s name with the copyright symbol + a link on his/her website. That way, these photos will never be taken as mine and dear Holly won’t have any reason to sue me. And yes, she is dear. When I found her on Pugly Pixel, I immediately jumped to the idea of making a post about her as well.

Holly has such a beautiful and creative talent. She has an eye for good color combinations that I like. I’m a fan of pastels and bright, pretty colors combined. She uses the beauty of the sky and the effects the sun creates so well. I like the use of inanimate objects. I like little, pretty things than people photography wise. She is like the perfect photographer for my tastes.

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This Is Glamorous

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How do I narrow down how glamorous this blog is?

3 reasons why it’s worth your attention and a click on the RSS feed button:

  • First, a blog must be neat and pretty and attractive, able to attract readers like me who take this factor into much consideration.

  • Second, it’s a chest full of jewels and pearls and shining gold (see above). The sort of antique chest buried in the depths of the ocean found by pirates (random: Johnny Depp *squeals then dies*). When the author says “… place of inspiration…”, it really does inspire you to find beautiful things, to read and write and to do what makes you happy.
  • Third, it’s “been featured on many blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines including martha stewart, the washington post, design*sponge, decor8, apartment therapy, glamour and many other wonderful design and fashion websites, and was featured in the may 2010 issue of lucky magazine” meaning it’s greatness has been recognized by big names already.

I wish you can tell how glad I am to find this!

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Found via {this is glamorous}

I don’t feel stressed at all so I can’t say I’m busy. I can’t say I’m feeling lazy too because I’m not. The things is, nothing is pushing me to blog and write on my notebook. Books have been slow on their way to me or worse, they got lost hence the delay. I also believe that dear inspiration got lost too. But from where I am right now, I think I can see their shadows looming from far away. A little bit more and they’re here to feed my brain with the daily oatmeal intake.

I recently found new blogs to share and inspire me, one of which is where I acquired the photos above. On my next post, I’ll share more of what made me fall in love with this award winning blog.

I really have a lot of interesting things in mind but I don’t have the devices (scanner) to help me. Lately, this blog have been more on non-bookish things but all the same, interesting stuff to share. I don’t want posting on this blog to become a chore, a need rather than a want. Some things just really strip you off on doing what you want like lacking devices or laziness or inspiration less days or just pure busy-ness on real life.

Am I alone? I don’t think I am, right?

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Liberty Fabric

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I dreamt of covering folders with fabric, creating framed objects using fabric, bunting with fabric, sewing and creating teddy clothes, making cards adorned with fabric, etc. All these remain as a dream until now.

Florals are my favorite. The lesser white space, the smaller the flower, the better. Floral fabrics look vintage and are very efficient as it is attractive and loved by many. To little kids, these seem a bit too granny but to those who are past that childish way of thinking, florals are beautiful. What keeps me from buying such is the price + the shipping fees. A meter costs nineteen pounds and more which as one thousand pesos converted in Philippine peso. That is 2 weeks worth of allowance. I could not give in.

Nevertheless, I am quite contented for now in looking and sharing this beauties to you. To those who are in need of fabric, Liberty Fabrics is at your service.

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Lissy Elle

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I know you feel scared. I am scared too you know. Just imagine that dress hanging on your wall with the hands. I question, where did the blood go? No matter how terrible the artist is for thinking of such an idea, this is still called art and it’s a kind I have never seen before. Lissy Elle has so much talent. She put much of her effort in creating art with broken limbs, hands and arms and illusions like a lady sinking in her bed as if drowning or a lady hanging in midair.

She can be called scary but you cannot deny how interesting and creative her works are.

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